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In Pursuit of the Olympic Rainforest Sasquatch
Does Washington State's Olympic Rainforest conceal an unknown primate? Our team The Bigfoot Research Center, after much field research, concluded yes. After three years of research, the Bigfoot Research Center presented "In Pursuit of the Olympic Rainforest Sasquatch."

This documentary was first filmed/produced in 2004 and finalized in 2006; a fascinating 3 year study. The study sites are located in three distinct rainforest valleys in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State. Come along as this Sasquatch/Bigfoot research group chronicle the expeditions from the Hoh, Queets and Quinault Rainforest valleys.

Watch members of the BRC attempt to track down and observe these incredible creatures within a unique and pristine rainforest environment. At one point in the documentary, members believe they get within 25 feet of a Sasquatch feeding in the lush vegetation of a creek bed. Excitement builds as mysterious wood knocking begins and later unknown whooping-type screams are heard from a second nearby creature. This documentary is filled with visual graphics, topographic maps, beautiful forest scenes and informative data.

Documentary also includes:

* Foot Print Photos
* Hand Print Photos
* Audio/Video of Unknown Screams
* Wood Knocking
* Sasquatch Feeding Site
* The entire "Wedekind Creek Footage"
* Much more...

100% Digital video cameras recorded everything and they bring it all home to you in 5.1 dolby digital sound. This compelling documentary is a must have to anyone interested in the Sasquatch/Bigfoot phenomenon. Order Today and become a believer.

Running time is approximately 60 minutes.

On the Track of the Pacific Northwest Sasquatch
Join the Bigfoot Research Center as they conduct extensive field research within Washington State's Olympic Mountains! Experience the beauty and mystery surrounding Washington State's Olympic Peninsula and a rainforest as unique as the creature that inhabits it.

Documentary includes:

* Sasquatch Tracks
* Sasquatch Hand and Fist Impressions
* Hair Sample (Authenticated by Dr. Henner Ferenbach Oregon State Primate Research Center)
* Possible Sasquatch Droppings
* Night Vocalization Recordings
* Remote Camera Deployment and Collecting
* Exciting Night Vision Expedition Footage
* Possible Video and Images of Sasquatch
* Other Pacific Northwest Wildlife
* Bill Asmussen Bigfoot Art
* Much Much More...

Running is approximately 60 minutes.

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