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Sasquatch of the Olympic Mountains: Evidence Revealed

The Bigfoot Research Center present their third documentary.
Three distinct study sites are the teams focus in the Olympic Mountains; they include the Quinault, Queets, and the Hoh Rainforest Valleys. Witness the incredible footage recorded in High Definition of the Pacific Northwest Rainforest.

Documentary contains:

* Mysterious rock pilings
* Tree twist offs
* Fresh foot prints tracked of a creature along a deep creek bottom
* Interesting photos caught on our remote night vision cameras
* Observe located nest sites
* Creatures tracked through the rugged old growth forests
* Much more..

Thank you for your support. Video is approximately 60 minutes.

Operation: In Depth High Altitude Bigfoot Research

The Bigfoot Research Center go far into the interior of the Olympic Mountains bringing back incredible research footage. This rare video documentary chronicles the search for Bigfoot / Sasquatch in the rugged Olympic Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Witness the incredible footage the Bigfoot Research Center recorded as they hiked deeper and higher into the Olympics during the early fall. Several expeditions prove the theory of a "Sasquatch migration route" that leads trackers from the high elevations to the rainforest lowlands.

Witness incredible footage of the team tracking an unknown primate and eventually catching up and getting amazing footage never before seen. Watch skilled wildlife trackers close in on, and film their progress in a move to prove the existence of Bigfoot.

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Thank you for your support. Can be played on any PC or DVD player. Over 60 minutes.

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